Lavender Tea

01. An archer appears!

Date Posted: May 5th, 2018, 9:42 pm

Author Notes

For Free-Comic-Book Day here's a new page update early! A mysterious cloaked guardian helps our lead.
Hey! Hi, this is the author; thanks again for reaching out to ask me. I have been wondering about that same problem. I'll try to fix that, as I'm attempting to get comments to work


Hello, I'm following this comic on the main site (, but I'm commenting here since guest comments aren't allowed there...

Is there a particular reason that the main site doesn't have any visible link (or address bar link) to RSS feed, despite RSS being supported by the Grawlix CMS running there?

(Currently, a URL guesswork is needed to obtain the feed link for following the comic on newsreader)

To other main site readers: Main site's RSS feed is located at